Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul from the inside-out and transform your health with The Rejuvenation Key. Start your journey today.

Start Your Journey Today!

Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind And Soul From The Inside-Out

And Transform Your Health With The Rejuvenation Key.

Start Your Journey Today!

Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind And Soul From The Inside-Out

And Transform Your Health With The Rejuvenation Key.

Join for Free “The Rejuvenation Key” Webinar today and learn:
  • How I overcame chronic illness and proved all the doctors wrong
  • How I transformed my life by putting my body, mind and soul in a healthy state
  • How you can do it too...
* very limited seating - only 200 spots for each webinar we do... *


Self-Regulation, Meditation and Life Certified Coach and Trainer Collaboratively transforming hundreds of people's lives for over 10 years


Shares her story of how she went from one-foot in the grave to surviving and now thriving.


Certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist and a Certified Life
Who is “The Rejuvenation Key” Webinar for?
  • Anyone who is suffering from chronic illness, anxiety, depression, or another condition that doctors just can’t help with
  • Anyone who is sick and tired of wasting their money only to be left disappointed and wants to finally find a solution to chronic pain or illness
  • Those who want to learn how the body naturally rejuvenates itself from disease, and want to put their body, mind and soul in a healthy state of being
Hi! I’m Kim!
Just like you, I’m someone who wanted to get better.

I’m not a doctor, and I don’t have a dozen medical degrees - but what I do have are my intention, my will, and my actions.

It’s these three things that took me from barely surviving to living and thriving, and that’s the story I want to share with you today.
  • I suffered from chronic illness for over 5 years, and I was completely housebound and unable to live my life. I went to doctor after doctor, tried diet after diet, went on therapies and procedures, medications, supplements, and I was only getting worse.
  • ​I felt stressed, depressed, anxious and sick all the time. One after another, doctors were raising their eyebrows and giving up on me. My husband and I tried everything to get me back on my feet, but we realized we were only wasting our time, money, and energy. But through it all, I didn’t stop.
  • I had no choice but to set out on my own journey and research how to transform myself. One day, while trying to find the strength to walk across the room, I made a promise to God and to myself.
  • ​That promise is that if I ever found a way to overcome my illness and start living my life again, I would dedicate myself to helping others do the same.
That’s what I did, and that’s what I’m here to help you do.

  • I’m Living Proof That You Can Transform Yourself.
  • You Can Overcome Adversity.
  • You Can Get Better.
  • I’m Living Proof That You Can Transform Yourself.
  • You Can Overcome Adversity.
  • You Can Get Better.

  • I’m Living Proof That You Can Transform Yourself.
  • You Can Overcome Adversity.
  • You Can Get Better.
That’s why your real journey towards health starts today.

Your journey starts when you discover the power of your body, and when you start transforming your health from the inside-out.

In this webinar, you’re going to learn:
  • How I went from being housebound and barely surviving to living a life free of pain, anxiety, depression, and disease without wasting my time, money, and energy…
  • What is the missing link I discovered to rejuvenate my health and how I’m using it right now to help others do what I achieved…
  • Why many people aren’t living their life to its fullest potential, and how we can transform our body, mind and soul to achieve our goals…
Join me at the Rejuvenation Key webinar, learn my story, and discover the two principles I used to transform my body, mind and soul and get my life back.
Take a look at this webinar’s speaker line-up!
Kim is here to show you how you can get better – and share the story of how the raw food diet, detox, and emotional healing practices changed her life and helped her overcome chronic illness once and for all.
Luka will share with you the science of how illness occurs in the physical body, and how to apply the practices Kim used to rejuvenate herself and get healthy again.
Laura is going to help you understand how our thoughts and emotions can impact our physiology and transform our bodies from illness to health – and vice-versa.
Together, we created The Rejuvenation Key. We created this step-by-step process to help you transform your life and health and start living life to its fullest – that’s why we’re inviting you to take the first step with us on the free webinar - The Rejuvenation Key.

Module 1

  • Kim will share the beginning  of her health transformation journey when discovering the impact of the thoughts and emotions on physical health and her experience in beginning the raw fruit detox.
  • ​Laura will welcome and empower you, through scientific tools to become the creator of your life.
  • ​Luka will introduce you to a holistic approach to life and give you an understanding of proper detoxification of the body.

Module 2

  • Kim will explain some of the first steps she took  to overcome illness; such as getting help from Laura and a Detox Coach, learning to meditate and quiet the mind, taking herbal formulas and cleaning the intestines.
  • ​Laura will help you become aware of what you are thinking and feeling and will explain how these have an effect on the physical body.  Also, she will initiate you into meditation.
  • ​Luka will share with you crucial methods to get through the process easier through education and mindfulness.

Module 3

  • Kim will share how things started to turn around by incorporating a very important breathing technique, developing an awareness of her thougths and emotions, getting the kidneys to filter, and what to consider when purchasing equipment for making raw food.
  • ​Laura will explain the physiological effects of having our mind and our emotions in harmony, how to self-regulate, and what to expect as we meditate.
  • ​Luka will teach you how to juice feast properly and explain the benefits, phases and methods.

Module 4

  • Kim will share how to shop for, properly clean and organize our produce.  She will also talk about her experience with the keto diet, taking care of teeth issues, having proper water filtration and changing her thoughts to feelings of worthiness.
  • ​Laura will guide you through how our thoughts can have an effect on our physical reality, and what kind of thoughts you need to think and what kind of feelings you need to feel in order to become who you want to be.
  • ​Luka will explain the most important systems of the body, how they work and how to take care of them for optimal function.

Module 5

  • Kim will share her daily eating schedule, how she dealt with the parasites physically and emotionally, how she stopped her hair from falling out, the impact of energy and vibration on the body, and how she dealt with comments about the diet from friends and family.
  • ​Laura will explain what is disease and health in terms of energy and vibration
  • ​Luka will explain the real truth around mainstream subjects such as parasites, deficiencies and fasting.

Module 6

  • Kim will explain how she learned to stay in alignment, how to have a plan when being triggered, letting go of judgments, staying in the present moment, how to travel on a raw food diet, remembering how to feel good and a list of improvements that came about as a result of all she learned and applied.
  • ​Laura will encourage you to believe in yourself to go from the chaos and pain you could be experiencing into a higher vibrational frequency full of coherence, self-love and health.
  • ​Luka will share with you 7 keys for long term optimal health.
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